Rehab 2014 Event - Montevideo, Uruguay

Rehab 2014 Event.jpg

During the first week of April, Loh Medical was present at an unprecedented event in Uruguay: Rehab 2014, the first national convention of rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Framed by the scenery of the Río de la Plata river, the event featured top level lecturers, as well as qualified companies that are preoccupied with the prescription and follow-up of disabled patients.

Here, Loh Medical teamed up with the qualified orthopedics company Autonomía Kerdal, which is managed by Ximena Costa, to introduce some of its high-end products, such as the Zippie TS, the Quickie 7, and the Rifton’s Pacer, which were present at the event to show the great rehab capabilities they offer.

During the event, which lasted three days (from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 of April), Autonomía and Loh Medical had the chance to present an open forum with the situations that some of the patients on wheelchairs live every day due to wrong prescriptions, as well as the social integration problems they go through, with the objective of showing the importance of having a health professional in charge not only of the medical part, but also of the physical tools that can result in a satisfactory rehabilitation.

Responsibility is shared, as technology moves every day with the development of more and more complex tools with more customization possibilities which adapt to each individual’s features, and this is what we are responsible for when it comes to informing and training all the parties involved in rehabilitation.

See you soon in Uruguay with all the breakthroughs that Loh Medical has for 2015.

Lic. Ernesto Estrada Southern Cone Sales Manager

It is his professional complex equipment advice and his inquisitive nature that has led him to solve patients' most complex problems.

Location: Santiago, Chile Contact
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